CAREER COACHING TIP OF THE WEEK: Check-Out the Target Company Culture

Company culture
Understanding a company’s culture can make or break an interview / and or job offer.

A company’s culture is like the company’s ‘personality’ and it can define the work environment (cubicles, pods, telework), and the company’s mission, objectives, and management style.

For example, wearing the appropriate attire to an interview is important. If the company’s culture is formal, then the candidate needs to wear a suit; if the culture is business casual, then some online research can reveal what most of the employees wear, e.g., Dockers and polo shirt, for example, might be appropriate attire for an interview. By wearing the appropriate attire to the interview, tells the interviewer that you have done your research and you are aware of the company’s culture. It shows respect to the employer.

If you like working in a formal setting with an office with a door and a window, then you need to focus on more formal companies. If you prefer to work outside, from home, or in a “pod” environment, or you want to bring your dog or child to work, then research companies that offer these types of working environments.

Fitting in well with a company’s culture will help you as an employee to appreciate the company, and help prevent burnout. Here are a few tips to help identify a company’s culture: apply due diligence and review the company’s website and Facebook and LinkedIn pages; ask people that you may know who works at a specific company or get an introduction via LinkedIn, and conduct informational interviews; ask about the company’s culture during a job interview.

Once you have identified the right culture and made a list of companies that support the culture that you are seeking, then strategically target the companies on your career management plan and during your job search.

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