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This series will focus on “Career Coaching Competencies.”

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Core Career Coaching Competencies

By Diane Hudson Burns, CPCC, CPRW, CEIP

Adapted from the articles published in the ‘Spotlight’ / Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (Reprinted with permission)

The International Coach Federation has created 11 coaching competencies that when applied to career coaching, serve as the infrastructure for coaching clients if used within a career coaching program.

I have talked about these coaching competencies in the past in a more general sense, and I will take some time to draw the line between the coaching competencies and coaching a client through a career coaching program cheap jerseys over the next couple months.

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The 11 coaching competencies are:

Setting the Proper Career Coach and Client Foundation

1. Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards

2. Establishing a coaching agreement

Co-Creating a Great Career Coach Client Relationship

3. Establishing trust and wholesale nfl jerseys intimacy with the client

4. Coaching presence

Communicating effectively

5. Active Listening

6. Powerful Questioning

7. Direct Communication

Facilitating learning and results

8. Creating Awareness

9. Designing Action

10. Planning and Goal Setting

11. Managing Progress and Accountability

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