Happy Holidays To All CPCC’s and Participants!

To all the Certified Professional Career Coaches and those enrolled in the CPCC program, I wish you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2016!

CPCC Careeer Coach Certification - In the SandI had a very busy year with the introduction of the new CPCC ( website, we enrolled nearly 100 new CPCCs in 2015, and we plan to roll-out updated videos and an updated manual including a new college student case study in 2016. The new videos will include a segment on goals development from the Great Wall of China, and business development from Shanghai.

I personally traveled more than 150K miles in 2015 providing hands-on career coaching training, at universities, military bases, and government agencies, as well as virtual classes (including training for hundreds of personnel with the USDA FSIS where I traveled to numerous states across the South-West and Puerto Rico teaching these classes at universities and community centers), TAP counselors at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, university career coaches at Carnegie Mellon, and many others) – I provided career coaching, job search, and resume writing training.

I also trained Senior Executive Service (SES) / Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) statement writing training to scores of government executives seeking Candidate Development Program (CDP) resumes and ECQs, and GS-14/15s seeking SES positions, from the NRC, FEMA, SOUTHERN Command, US Army Special Operations Command, EPA, National Water Quality Laboratory, and many others.

As career coaches, we offer confidence to our clients, as we actively engage in promoting career management and job search activities with and for our clients, whether from one-stops, universities, military, out-placement, relocation & transition assistance, business managers, and more. Our jobs are tough, as we listen to our clients who bring challenging whole-life circumstances to the career coaching sessions.

My greatest joy and success is when my clients are successful – I do appreciate it when they call and tell me about their job search achievements; or when they make big decisions!

Enjoy the holiday time. Best wishes for continued career success!

Diane Hudson
Director, Certified Professional Career Coach program

Some highlight photos of my year!

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