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Congratulations Diane!

From “Women with More”

This nomination won’t look like others you’ve seen. Diane Hudson breathes new life into everything you thought you knew about ambition. Others with ambition start their sentences start with “I.” They are all about what they have done. Diane’s sentences are all about others—people she has served and continues to serve.

Make no mistake: Diane is one of the strongest, most resilient, most ambitious women I’ve been privileged to work with for more than 20 years. Her ambition augments lives of entire families nearly every single day. Some of those are lives of Wounded Warriors and the military community from Europe to Korea who, thanks to her, find careers that restore their dignity and build their confidence.

She’s trained thousands to be career coaches around the world with her career coach certification program that is now an industry standard ( Some of the lives she’s helped belong to hundreds of military spouses and women around the world who Diane inspired to transform personal tragedies into personal triumphs.

In her “spare time,” she reached out across nine time zones to help a Kenyan woman become one of Africa’s first career coaches in that part of the world, thus laying the cornerstone of a new industry that helps others develop career management and workforce development plans. Everyone from executives to government agencies seek out her ambition to help them be successful.

I could cite scores of books that showcase her ability as a career coach and professional résumé writer. I could recite her nine prestigious industry certifications, and industry awards. And, of course, there’s her most influential contribution of all: raising three children, partially on her own.

Diane is a successful entrepreneur and there is a central theme that runs through all Diane does. She puts her drive, her boundless energy, her endless compassion, and her ambition always at the service of others.

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