Career Coaching Tip of the Week: Tips for Military at Holiday Season


One of my tips for military clients who are leaving military service – is to network with their entire circle of influence.

military at holiday seasonMost military will tell me that they do not have many people to network with – as their only circle of influence is in the military.

However, they often forget that they have a wider net – by looking at their holiday card list, their alumni list, and beginning a LinkedIn profile. Several of my military clients have successfully landed informational interviews, which led to leads that led to “official” job interviews by sending a short letter to everyone in their Rolodex (holiday card list, faith-based affiliation list, family and friends) informing them that they are leaving the military after 20 years of service – and will be moving to xxx in Summer 20xx, and they specialize in xxx industry/area of expertise.

These letters are a form of an “announcement” – and they do not ask for a job, rather they ask these people to be thinking on their behalf.

If any of these people provide a lead, tip or referral, they should be thanked with a link to an article, a meeting for a cup of coffee, or just a phone call to offer thanks for their interest and assistance.

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