Career Coaching Tip of the Week: The Cost of a Bad Hire

Recruiting takes time and money.

A hire that goes bad, i.e., quits soon after being hired or is let go due to a poor fit with the company culture, costs the company thousands of dollars in lost production, new recruitment and HR costs, and new on boarding and training. It also costs the company hundreds of hours in manpower; lower morale and potential stress from other employees when they are required to pick up work from a missing employee; and other costs associated with unemployment (for example, when an employee is disgruntled and “badmouths” the employer online after leaving the company).


A business owner client of mine says:

The biggest mistake I can make as a business manager is hiring the wrong person.

Every candidate thinks he is the perfect fit for an open position. He believes that his resume has enough information to get an interview. And, then he is disappointed and even disillusioned when he does not get the interview or the position.

However, companies cannot afford to hire candidates who are not a good fit for the company, because the costs are simply too high.

Thus, job seekers will benefit from working with career coaches who walk them through the entire spectrum of career management planning and job search from assessments, branding, resume development, company/industry/job title research, social media and online job search, networking, interview preparation, salary negotiations, onboarding, and succession planning – and more. Employers consider “good hires” as longer term employees who express enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

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