Career Coaching Tip of the Week: Step up to 2016 Career Management Techniques

2016 Career Management Techniques

A number of my clients are still using early 2000s and even late 1990s career management and job search strategies. Many job seekers are posting resumes on job boards, and then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. Then, they wonder, “If I am the perfect candidate for the position, why did I not at least get a call for the interview.”

Today’s job search strategies include:

  • Being aware of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and how that might affect how a resume is read
  • Resumes must be a near perfect match with vacancy announcements
  • The number one criteria for a recruiters’ search for a candidate in 2016 is the zip code; most recruiters look for candidates within the local commuting area
  • Most employers prefer to hire someone that is a referral (still, statistically, 80% of hires are from referrals)
  • Social media is a key component of job search and a career management branding strategy – which includes a LinkedIn profile and building relationships/networking across social media to gain referrals and meet new people or communicate with recruiters
  • Some firms will use Google searches to screen out potential candidates – so job seekers need to judiciously decide what to post on social media
  • Many interviews are conducted via skype and “blind interviews” via video

Job seekers need to prepare a solid career management plan for current day, working with a career coach, and spend many hours working the plan to secure employment in 2016. Gone are the days of posting resumes on job boards, and waiting for follow up phone calls.


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