Career Coaching Tip of the Week: Branding & Brand Management

Personal branding is about creating a “vision” in the mind of others that draws them back to you.

Brand ManagementUse the brand to express and communicate your skills, talents, experience, personality, and values. The goal of branding is to develop and build your reputation that allows you to grow your network in a way that draws interest from others.

Many of our career coaching clients do not realize that they need a brand and that brand management is important with social media. Once you and your client determines his brand, then that brand needs to be woven throughout the entire career management and job search plan – from the resume to the LinkedIn profile, websites, other social media platforms, interviewing, and onboarding.

We can help our clients identify their brands by using big brand companies as an example: Nike, Target, and Mercedes. Ask them what comes to mind when they think of these brands. Then, ask them what they want to come to mind about them,for those they wish to network with and any potential employers. Ask them what value they provide, what problems do they solve easily, and what is unique about them.

Once they determine a brand, they need to use it consistently – creating an image in the mind of the reader, for their job search. Once the brand is well established, they will be sought out for their expertise and knowledge.

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