Career Coaching Tip of the Week: Avoid Digital Dirt


Reputation ManagementAvoid Digital Dirt – Online Reputation Management

Digital dirt is extremely difficult to remove from the internet and it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to remove such dirt, by working with firms that specialize in removing negative information from the internet and social media.

According to a recent Recruiting Trends conference, statistics indicate that the number one reason a candidate is removed from the running for a position, is if they are dressed provocatively during internet/social media searches.

Reputation management is critical. I encourage my clients and my CPCC program participants to Google themselves to see what information might be flowing across the internet attached to their names. Millennials and all job seekers need to be careful when they post pictures of themselves engaged non-professional activities. Much of what is posted online, remains online in some capacity; even if the person who posted pictures or comments thinks they removed them.

Also, monitor your name against others that may carry your same name, e.g., Robert Smith. If you create a unique name different from the other Robert Smiths’ on the internet, you can potentially separate yourself from someone who has digital dirt. For example, you may consider using your middle name like, Robert J. Smith – and use that version across the internet, on social media, on your LinkedIn profile and on your resume, to differentiate yourself from others with a similar name.


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