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CPCC Career Coach Certification Program Reviews:

“I had the great chance to discover the CPCC program when I was looking for a learning course to add in my Career Coaching journey. Diane is a poised professional and articulate instructor with a solid experience in this area. She has nurtured the CPCC program with her personality and technical knowledge in the field of career coaching. I enjoyed learning from her throughout the videos and modules of the programme. She provides very practical and useful examples, tips, models, templates and processes that I currently use in my own practice. The program covers a broad range of topics related to job search and career transition that helped me strengthen my knowledge and competencies. It is user friendly and accessible. Many thanks Diane and keep up the great work!”

– Linda Bawazir-Davin, CPCC

“Coaching clients through circumstances was an area where I found helpful information. I have clients going through an intensive and accelerated MBA program. They have a finite amount of time to spend on their job searches; therefore, they want to make sure that what they do is effective and worth their time. The ideas for questions to ask will be extremely helpful for me given my population of clients.”

– Cynthia Billington, CPCC (Texas A&M University)

“I continue to be in awe of the effort you put into the program. I have never seen a training/certification program that is this thorough. The lists, the explanations, the exercises all add up to a rigorous and useful program. Because, even though this program has a crazy amount of materials, all of the materials are useful. I learned so much when I worked through the materials the first time. And now that I’ve completed the exam and worked the materials again, I am reminded of how rich the program is. I am still amazed at the quantity of information available to me in this program. As a former teacher, it was nice for me to see a well thought out, purposeful exam.”

– Becky Berry, CPCC (Launch & Re-launch Career Coaching)

“I would like to express my appreciation to you for the outstanding customized career coaching program and workshops you provided the Airman and Family Readiness Centers and Employment Teams with US Air Force Europe. Your content and delivery style provided participants across the Command with a variety of career coaching, career management, and job search information sources including the most current data in the technical social networking job search field. Your presentation of traditional job search methods and the comparison of results of new information, with potential implications, were phenomenal. Out staffs were able to immediately incorporate the information and materials to enhance the base-level workshop delivery and individual coaching to better empower our military spouse and service member clientele in finding employment. The past two years has been an incredible team journey, as you engaged more than 65 staff members in 10 locations across Air Force Europe, while presenting on 12 topic areas including Diane’s Whole Person Theory, career coaching, and more. Again, thank you for your assistance and awesome professional training.”

– Susan Williams, DAFC, CPCC (Air Force Europe)

“I enjoyed seeing a proven career coaching system from a civilian business owner’s perspective. I liked the layout of the “soup to nuts,” whole-person-concept career coaching. And, I really liked the Goals Form! I think it’s a great concept for anyone, regardless of what their current employment situation is.”

– Dave B., CPCC (Camp Pendelton, CA)

“I am still in awe at how you have created such a well-developed program for home study. I recommend this program for all my co-workers in Career Planning.”

– Veronica Boreland, CPCC (Anne Arundel Community College)

“The best part of the CPCC program format and test were the coaching logs. Filling those logs out took a long time but really made me think about what was truly happening during the session. The material for the program is a great starting point for so many topics. I really like the forms and examples provided in the gear box. The amount of material is incredible.
I really have enjoyed taking this course over the course of the past year. I feel I am a better coach and bring more value to an employer and client.”

– Mark Hagli, CPCC (DeVry)

“I am really happy I chose this program, it definitely helped me develop myself and prepare for work as a professional Career Coach. I enjoyed reading the materials, watching the videos and doing all the exercises from the manual—these required a lot of thinking. It was an excellent coaching program for me. It affected the way I am running my own business and how I relate to others. Most important, it helped me develop my career coaching skills.”

– Magda Tomaszewska, CPCC (UK)

“Diane was the perfect career coach to train the career center staff at the University of Baltimore. Diane’s expertise in helping professionals achieve their career goals and her person-centered approach to coaching was delivered in an interactive training format that kept the staff engaged. In addition, Diane listened to the desired outcomes we wanted for our team and designed her program accordingly to capture these outcomes and more. Lastly, Diane offers flexible services and developed a program that was executed effectively in-person and virtually. I would recommend Diane to any career center looking to sharpen and improve its career advising/coaching methodology.”

– Lakeisha Mathews, CPCC (Right Resumes & Career Coaching / University of Baltimore Higher Education Administration)

“Diane did an excellent job of coaching our customer service representatives (CSR’s) as part of a new curriculum created for customer service certification for Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (Texas). The responsibilities of the CSR’s are highly diverse ranging from setting up new accounts and communication of all company offerings to partnering with operations in resolving customer disputes. Six different locations, each represented by a unique CSR group, participated in the training session. Diane used innovative techniques, along with an open rapport to successfully engage the CSR’s in coaching strategies to assist them in enhancing their confidence and abilities to improve their performance. Under Diane’s direction each employee was required to take an honest inventory of their customer service behavioral traits and then identify the pluses and minuses of those traits at an individual and group level. She gained commitment from the CSR’s to apply newly acquired knowledge of behaviors to capitalize on team strengths in order to achieve enhanced customer service effectiveness. Diane provided a down-to-earth approach, highlighted with an intellectual thought process. Her executive summary was both well-written and well-received by the senior leadership of the organization. Diane did not hesitate to provide her honest feedback based on her global experiences regarding the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, which was much appreciated. Diane’s coaching techniques and abilities are highly recommend at every level of the organization.”

– MeLisa Rogers, Ph.D., Organizational Consultant, Career Coach, Higher Learning Professional

“I entered into this certification expecting to improve my skills as a career coach/counselor. I never anticipated that I would leave learning so much more about myself and what a difference it was going to make for my clients!The first thing I learned that spoke to me was that it is OK to say “no.” I was taking on so many hats and was becoming overwhelmed. I learned that I am an employee as well. I was neglecting the very tips I give my clients. I had become complacent about my own development.Thanks to being refocused by your module, I began to journal my accomplishments and I update my resume (it was over 5 years out of date). I also found a fantastic mentor.

Lastly, I loved the quote in Module IV “The resume represents professional value and the interview represents personal value.” I now have that posted in my office. It has helped me focus my clients through the process and help them visualize it since most feel like a resume will say everything for them.

The CPCC program is one of the best training/certification programs I have taken. It was so much more than I thought. Going through the modules personally really hit home what my clients are going through and I believe it will make me a better Career Coach. The videos were a fantastic addition. I am the type that loves scenarios so the individuals on the video that were “clients” gave it a great perspective and example. I thought it was organized well and was easy to read.

I would like to thank you for a fantastic program! I have learned a great deal going through this process which has been invaluable to my clients and me. I thank you for challenging me to be better at what I do.”

– Angela O’Connell – CPCC

“Diane’s “Whole Person Theory” reinforced my experience, education, and personal beliefs.

Diane is a dynamic presenter as demonstrated in the DVD set and from speaking with her in my phone interview. This noble profession of career coaching involves people’s lives, futures, and success, not to mention those of their families. I expected the test to be a challenge and it definitely proved to be.

Career professionals like Diane, continue to set industry standards and pioneer beyond the frontiers of the known job search realm. In my view, the CPCC program is the national standard for all career coaches.”


“I’ve learned many valuable things throughout this program, one of the first lessons I learned comes from Diane’s Whole Person Theory. Through her theories I have been able to get a much deeper insight into what’s really happening in the lives of my clients. And, this whole program has helped me organize my thoughts and become more disciplined.

It’s easy to tell someone what they should do, but doing it yourself presents a whole other challenge.

It was good for me to have to actually do the things I tell my clients to. The CPCC manual also forced me to demonstrate in writing all that I have accomplished in the past year, which allowed me to realize that I have taken for granted the things I do in a typical day.

The exercises opened my eyes and allowed me to see my true worth and value. It also made me think about opening my own practice, which was not something I ever really thought I was capable of doing.”


“I found the CPCC program to be of very high quality.

The format and content was logical and user friendly. It incorporated industry specific theory, information and data, as well as realistic examples to support the material. The process of completing the CPCC program was educational, affirming and enjoyable.

Thank you Diane for preparing such a valuable resource, to raise the standards within the career coaching profession and recognize the contributions of the professional career coach!–”


“A special thanks for taking time to speak with me today. As I mentioned during our session, the Certified Professional Career Coach Program was invaluable.

The program articulated essential principles and processes and the flow of the modules created a solid foundation for my future growth in this industry. This is a program that I will highly recommend!”

– S.C., CPCC

“The CPCC program…was a great eye-opener and allowed me to evaluate my life on a personal and professional level. The exhaustive CPCC preparation, DVDS, and exam taught me more about myself – Thank You!

The Program study guide was easy to read and understand. The format was reader-friendly and designed to allow individuals to proceed at his or her own pace. I am pleased to have taken this course and have benefited on multiple levels. I also feel strongly that my professional career has also been enhanced by this program.”

– D.H., CPCC

“WOW! I am so impressed with the CPCC program that I want to share my experience with other members of PARW/CC.

It is packed with well-organized information and full of tools that I now use regularly in my practice… My learning style is seeing, hearing, and doing… this course meets all three of my needs. Additionally it includes extensive questions that encourage my own self-discovery and growth, reinforcing the key concepts I am learning in each section.

Through the comprehensive training offered by Diane, I am able to establish boundaries and increase control over my service offerings. Since I left outplacement resume writing in 2004, coaching comprised 20% of my business. Within the past two months, it has more than tripled.

Most of my clients now complete some portion of my program. Interview coaching is a big seller.

I am confident that my business will continue to progress and I welcome the diversity, challenge, and additional income!”

– H.R., CPCC

“Thanks again for taking out time to share the invaluable information you gave me today. It will definitely help me coach my clients and service my students more effectively.

As a matter of fact, I just had the opportunity to share some salary negotiation strategies with a colleague of mine that was just offered a position that she really desired. She was most appreciative.

Your CPCC program has given me more insight into the career development industry and I plan on utilizing the tools and information I have gained for a lifetime!”


“The CPCC program is well organized in format and rich in materials. The video tapes were very helpful, as their content related quite well with the class work.

The program presenter is also very knowledgeable on the subjects and went out of her way to give me tools that assisted in understanding the course better.”

– M.K., CPCC

“The content is comprehensive, well put together and very valuable. I don’t know how I would have handled the exams without the material and the videos. Unlike other certification courses this is very very practical and I see myself using this material as a reference for my entire coaching life!”

– B.O., CPCC

“Thank you for the great insights that you taught on the tapes and in the book. This will be a GREAT addition to the services I offer now.”

– J.L., CPCC

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