Program Synopsis

CPCC Program Synopsis

We are proud to announce that the CPCC career coach certification program has been updated and brought online!

All six modules (with 600+ pages of manual and exercises (more than 140 new pages), six hours of streaming video, the gear box, the resources list, the coaching journals, and other testing materials are now available online here via a CPCC membership page.

This format will allow for future updates, new modules, and audio or webinar sessions.

Your clients deserve the best! The best tools, coaching, strategies, inspiration, and motivation to develop their career paths, seek satisfying employment, determine career focus, target companies and positions, and move forward in their careers. This program allows you to offer clients just that.

Career seekers are challenged today by myriad methods to seek employment. As a Certified Professional Career Coach, you can lead them to career success.

One thing is constant: Change. Career seekers must know how to manage lifestyle and career change, and how to build a winning career search program affecting positive change and growth throughout their career continuum.

As career seekers learn to take charge of their career destinies, find purpose, and create direction, they maximize their ability to control life/work balance.

This #1 Career Coach Certification program trains and coaches you, and provides the tools and career coaching processes & competencies to guide you in building a strong career coaching practice, to propel your clients to meet their career objectives and seize new opportunities.

The Career Coach Certification program will prepare you to:

  • Develop Career Coaching competencies
  • Write value-laden résumés and career search documents, applying career coaching techniques
  • Focus your client’s career plans (no more, “I am a jack-of-all-trades, I can do anything”)
  • Become a Chief Motivational Officer
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Launch your own commercial career coaching enterprise – be a successful entrepreneur; or further develop marketing strategies for your current employer using workforce management coaching techniques.

Includes Recently Updated & Revised Sections:

  • A section devoted to the Traditional & Social Media and Web 2.0 Job Search
  • A new section on Workforce Management and Acquisition & Talent Management for HR Professionals, College Counselors, and Workforce Coaches. Students can now choose to complete a Mini-business Plan OR a Mini-Workforce Management – Career Coaching Service Offering Plan, as part of the testing requirements
  • An expanded resources list with dozens of career coaching tools and web sites
  • A sample coaching schedule
  • Succession Planning forms
  • A bonus addendum covering the Federal job search for military transition specialists, employment readiness specialists, government HR, and others interested in learning about the federal process and coaching federal job seekers
  • And more
ADDED BONUS: ************ For a limited time during 2019, new participants will receive the gift of a complimentary personal DISC Behavioral and Communication Styles assessment and report. Your DISC experience is being provided by ProfilingPro. The complimentary online DISC report has a retail value of $110.00 and the information from your report can make a valuable positive impact on your long-term professional development. ************

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The CPCC program includes six modules of training:

Module I
Module II
Module III
Module IV
Module V
Module VI

Module I: Career Coaching

  • The Foundation of Career Coaching
  • Understanding Career Seekers
  • Diane’s Whole Person Theory
  • The Industry of Career Coaching – A Positive Profession
  • Career Coach, Consultant, or Counselor?
  • Coaching Competencies
  • Intake Procedures

In Module one, you will explore the profession of career coaching, the career coaching competencies, the many types of coaching within the careers industry, and learn about the difference between career coaching, counseling, and consulting.

This Module also defines a “career seeker” and sets the stage for clients who bring a full life history to the career seeking process.

Finally, you will learn to qualify your clients and set a strong relational foundation for career coaching.

Module II: Meet the Client

  • Career Purpose
  • Goal Development
  • Goals (The Short Form)
  • Values Exercise
  • Interests & Motivation
  • Think Outside the Box
  • Assessment Testing & Personality
  • Client Scenarios

In Module two you will guide your clients to identify their purpose for hiring you, for seeking new employment, and pinpoint that which drives your clients’ career decisions.

Additionally, this Module provides training in coaching your clients to identify their career values, industries, and professional interests—and how these factors contribute to a satisfying career…or not.

The goal development section leads your clients (and you) to set and get goals (and there are many exercises provided).

You will review personality and career interest assessments to learn what makes your clients tick, and help your clients to understand what makes them tick — does their personality get in the way of their career successes? And learn how to quickly assess your clients.

Module two ends with reviewing client career scenarios…where are your clients’ starting points? Do they love their jobs and dislike their compensation or …?

Module III: Career Coach Communications

  • The Core Career Coaching Competencies (Listening and The Query System / Energize the Thinking Process / Brainstorming & Breakthrough)
  • Stretching the Comfort Zone & Reaching for New Horizons
  • Chief Motivational Officer (CMO)
  • Coaching Through Circumstances
  • Career Coaching in Action (A coaching session & case study)

Module three delves into Career Coaching Communications focusing on listening and asking questions (learn to master these skills): It’s not about us; it’s about the client (listening); and ask gripping questions to get your clients to think.

Some clients don’t like to think and they would prefer that, you as their coach, do the thinking for them. But you can coach your clients to think for themselves, brainstorm, and attain breakthroughs; and then accept challenges to reach for new horizons. As your clients’ Chief Motivational Officer, you will inspire them to set and get their goals.

Despite your title as Chief Motivational Officer CMO, you may encounter clients who bring tough, real-life circumstances to the coaching sessions, and you will develop coaching strategies and appropriate questions for clients in the grief cycle (laid off, fired, retired, etc.), shy clients, overwhelmed clients, the “I can’t” syndrome clients, and others.

Finally, Module three ends with a live coaching session.

Module IV Section I

  • Intelligence Collection
  • Circle of Influence & Effective Networking
  • Professional Career Development Dialogues
  • Powerful Value-based Résumés & Written Job Search Management Documents
  • Brand Your Clients
  • Endorsements & References Upon Request
  • Résumés & Career History Analysis
  • Sample Career Marketing Documents

Module four focuses on intelligence collection and research; networking and the development of powerful dialogue strategies; and value-based resumes and other written career search documents including designing focused, branded, concise, and value-based messages and headlines.

Once the written documents are drafted and the dialogue scripts are set, your clients need to implement a full-scale career search campaign using multiple strategies available in the marketplace today.

Finally, Module four ends with a live intelligence collection interview and case study (including a completed resume).

Module IV Section 2

  • Traditional Job Search Methods, Social Media & Web 2.0
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Web 2.0 & Social Medial Tools for Career Coaches
  • Digital Dirt and Online Reputation Management
  • Electronic Resumes
  • Intelligence Collection in Action: A Case Study

Module IV Section 2 delves into Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies required for today’s job search and career management. Social Media has transformed the job search. Clients need LinkedIn profiles, as recruiters are using such forums to search for new recruits, hiring managers are reading resumes on BlackBerries, and HR professional are using Google to conduct reference checks. The Module describes how job seekers can leverage these technologies and create a strong online reputation and branding message.

Module V: Script for Career Success

  • Interviewing Dynamics – Let’s Dance (Screening
  • Factors & Interview Management)
  • Image
  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Communications & Decision-making Styles
  • Mastering the Art of Salary Negotiating
  • Put it All Together (The 5 P’s: Career Search Purpose, Career Search Planning, Career Search Preparation, Career Search Practice, Career Search Perseverance)
  • Congratulations! Your Client Got the Position!

In Module five, your clients, under your lead, script their career success action plan as they prepare for interviews and salary negotiations. “Let’s Dance” – The real reason for an interview is so the hiring manager can find a great partner. Your clients can also interview the interviewer, by learning communication styles (Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic), learning about the company and its culture, and understanding the importance of salary negotiations and benefit packages.

Dress for success and image are critical elements of interviewing: You cannot take back a first impression — but maybe you can use a band-aid (includes image example on DVD).

Finally, your clients will build a career search marketing plan and put the program together to successfully seek employment using the 5-Ps: Career Search Purpose, Career Search Planning, Career Search Preparation, Career Search Practice, and Career Search Perseverance. Once they have persevered then you can coach them on making a first good impression on the new job to ensure continued career success.

Module VI: Scripting Business Success and Developing Business Plans & Workforce Management Programs

  • Scripting Business Success: The Overview
  • Constructing Your Business Enterprise
  • The Edge for Entrepreneurs
  • How Many Hats Do You Wear?
  • Blue Print for Success: The Business Plan
  • Maximum Customer Service and Retention
  • Financial Documents
  • Point of Sale & Customer Service
  • Investment Structures & Services
  • Business Plan (Short Form)
  • Talent Acquisition & Management

– Workplace Coaching
– Coaching in the Workforce
– Performance Management
– Leadership Development
– Resolving Conflict
– Career Services Programs

  • Personal Attention Tips

Module six was developed to coach you as you develop and start your own career coaching practice or build and expand your existing practice; evaluate your services and determine how many hats you wear in a day: Career Coach, Resume Writer, Marketing Manager, Budgeting Manager, etc.; determine the hats you need to wear to manage a business; craft your own business plan and put it in writing:

  • Develop a Mini Business Plan
  • Three Ways to Build and Expand a Business
  • Maximize Customer Service and Retention Operations
  • Financial Documents
  • Point of Sales and Customer Service

As you craft your business plan, you will need to determine your services and structures. The most often asked question I receive from students of the CPCC program: “What should I charge for services?”

Do you charge fees or engage your clients in a discussion about the coaching services as an investment of their future career success? How do you charge your clients? What services do you offer?

As you build your practice and engage in business, you need to care for yourself and also teach your clients personal attention strategies. Personal attention strategies may include saying, “No” to too much work or managing a ‘pain in the neck’ client – learn to let a client go with dignity, keeping your sanity in tact.

Additionally, I added a section for Workforce Managers – those in HR, career services, outplacement, and those working for other companies. Here you will learn to apply the coaching competencies within the workforce for Talent Acquisition & Management and Workplace Coaching, including performance management, leadership development, resolving conflict, and career services programs.

Just like those professionals who create business plans to manage a practice, those in industry can create a plan to improve coaching services to the target clientele (succession planning, promotion planning, retirement planning, skills planning and more).


Career Coaching is a positive, forward-thinking, active partnership with the client. It is exciting to watch clients realize their career purposes, design viable career-search strategies, and conquer career goals.

Career Coaches inspire, motivate, and empower clients to set and get career goals! As you move through this program, you will explore and gain the above noted skills, and begin to revel in your clients’career successes!

With this self-paced program you can study at your pace and obtain your CPCC credential in 6-8 weeks or up to 12 months.

As a premiere career credential, the Certified Professional Career Coach program offers a comprehensive window into the career coaching industry including 6 hours of video, to enhance the hundreds of pages of written materials, using live dialogues, inspirational stories, and case studies, a gear box (filled with career coaching and business-owning tools to help launch your practice; or manage your clients within an organization), a one-hour telephone coaching session with Diane, membership in the LinkedIn CPCC Group, testing (including four hours of documented coaching time), and certification.

The manual is a self-guided comprehensive workbook filled with practical exercises to properly train you to coach your clients to career success— building your confidence level as you practice career coaching. The CPCC program is offered via a self-study course to help you absorb the myriad information presented at your pace; and provides time for you to complete the many exercises in the manual before you offer the exercises to your clients.

The CPCC program is provided by the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and certification requires membership in PARW/CC.

PARW/CC is the longest standing professional resume writing and career coaching association in the industry with more than 1100 members, and offering three career management credentials. Diane is the Director of the CPCC credential, a comprehensive program focused on career management and job search coaching strategies.

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